A walk in the shoes of the barefoot sub


We each have our own stories to tell and as with all stories the best place to start is at the beginning.

I’m not an expert in BDSM but when it comes to my own life and travels through both the vanilla and kinky worlds I know what I am talking about. As my experience grows I find myself reflecting on the past and enjoying  many of my memories. Some are more challenging to look back upon, but each and every one has helped to shape who I am now.

And my future memories? Well, watch this space ….

My Fetlife account is here.

And my rope work is on Instagram

I am just learning how to use Twitter too.

My blog is probably Not Safe For Work, and 18+. There may also be triggers for some around domestic abuse, just to forewarn you.

It is not my intention to upset people, so if I do I apologise.

What matters most is how well we walk through the flames – Charles Buckowski 

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